[Blog] Is it Easy to Make a Wire Harness Alone?


If you have a plan to make the wire harness all by yourself, the first thing is to give a pat on your shoulder to be daring enough to take on this mission. We have to say it’s not an easy task to complete.
However, in this blog, we will break down the process for you to make the job easier to process.
Although there are many types of wiring harnesses, let's stick to the basic one, which can let you understand more about the step.

How To Make A Wire Harness; Guide 101!

1. Out Sketch Of The Wire Harness
Before you dive straight into creating a wire harness, it’s ideal that you create a diagram either using a computer with CAD technology or generally on graph paper. This helps you have a direction and a clear idea about how the thing will proceed.
Clearly, having experience in making such things would come as a great benefit. However, if you are a beginner, then you can't just skip to the good part; you have to work your way up. Well, please don't worry; this guide is to help you!
The harness diagram is pretty important that aids you in your further steps regarding how to make connectors and wires be together. Also, it allows the whole process to be smooth, organized, and precise when you are making a wire harness by yourself.

2. Collect The Tools You Need
Well, making a wire harness might require specific tools because you will be required to perform some delicate tasks during the assembling.
Get your hands on zip ties, wires, wire cutter, connectors, terminals, heat gun, wire stripper, crimping plier, heat shrink tubing, and dielectric grease.
Please make sure you jot them all before you actually start making the wire harness so that the process isn’t halted mid-way.

3. Process Of Making A Wire Harness
Now you have the guide along with the entire essential tools, it's time to get your hands dirty (start with the process).
1. Strip the wire: At the beginning, you have to cut a small insulation part of the wire from one end. Before cutting, please make sure the measurements are correct because the wires are to be attached to the terminals; hence, they should match the size.
2. Slide the seal: The next step is to slide the seal onto the stripped wire. Make sure the seal sits tight against the wire.
3. Crimp the terminal: In this step, you will be required to use a crimp plier for seaming the terminal. Then put the wire into the terminal, with the long spike and use the crimp plier to compress the terminal and the wires together. Please make sure they are crimped tight enough to be clutched into each other but not too much to avoid getting damaged.
4. Plug it in the connector housing: Take the connector housing and slot in the terminal from the back and push through until it reaches a position where it clicks into place. It would be perfect when you hear the “click” sound.
And that’s about it for the process of making the wire harness. It’s not that difficult, is it? However, the real problem is about when the wire harness fails to work. Here is the few things we will point out that may cause the problem.

4-must know Reasons Why Wire Harness Fails To Work

1. Poor Design
Poor design, of course, will be the first think that leads to the failure of the wire harness. If the wires are not followed by the application specs, then they fail to work. Also, the poor adjustment, organizing, or assembling of the wire harness can lead to its failure as well.

2. Usage of Poor Material
We may use some cheap alternatives material to use on wire harness to save the cost. However, it would be a serious problem on making wire harness as well. For example, If we used, then they are prone to overheating or breaking and not working properly. So, if you think your wire harness is not working properly, look out for the material you used in the making.

3. Defects in Crimping
Crimping the terminal and the wires might be the easiest but the most crucial aspect of making the wire harness. The wrong crimpling would lead to a short circuit. The temperature can also lead to the failure of the wire harness.
Also, the error of inexperienced technicians are very common to occur, which you need to look out for.

4. Wrong or Missing Hardware
Sometimes, you may miss out on looking at the wire with a missing terminal connector or if the wire is connected with the wrong hardware. This might be overlooked, and you think that your wire harness project is completed, it gets your attention only when you realize that the wiring harness has failed to work.

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